Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tartlets with Sorbet & Lavender Syrup

Tartlets with Clementine Sorbet & Lavender Syrup pg. 261

As I made tartlets with Lavender Syrup today a few things were going through my head.  The first is every time I say Tartlet I keep thinking of an episode of the sitcom Friends.  Here is a little bit of the video...
Do you remember that episode? 

Next it's that movie It's Complicated with Meryl Streep.  She talks about always making lavender ice cream when she couldn't sleep.  I had never heard of eating anything with lavender in it until that movie.  Well except for now because although I didn't make lavender ice cream, I did make lavender syrup. 
Lavender is actually awesome to eat!  This dessert was amazing.  The tartlets were absolutely perfect.  Now I have one tiny confession to make before I go any further with this post.  Please forgive me because I have sinned... I didn't make the sorbet today.  I am sorry!  I actually made this sorbet months ago twice.  I have proof:http://crazysexykitchenproject.blogspot.com/2012/12/pita-pizzas-clementine-sorbet.html I didn't like it either way, so I decided to instead go to Whole Foods and buy some vegan Blood Orange Sorbet to go with my tartlets and lavender syrup. 

Now that I have gotten that off my chest I will lavish you with all kinds of pictures so you will hopefully forgive me:) Here is what you will need to make tartlets and lavender syrup.  I didn't use lavender flowers but the leaves of the plant.  That is what they had fresh at Whole Foods.  You could use dried flowers instead if you like.  I just figured when I saw the package of lavender leaves in  the fresh spice section that it was time to make this recipe.

All you need is one tartlet tin, and some cellophane to make the tartlets.  Use a food processor to blend the ingredients.  Then press two tablespoon balls into the lined tartlet pan.  You will freeze the tartlets to set.  They are sooooo yummy.  You could eat them alone as a cookie if you didn't want to do the sorbet or syrup.
Although the cookies are scrumptious. I  will be making this dessert with the sorbet and syrup the next time I want to seriously impress my dinner guests.

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