Monday, February 4, 2013

Caesar Salad & Vodka Pasta

Caesar Pleaser Salad pg. 175
Vegan Vodka Pasta
Kris Carr did a new "Chat and Chew" video on her website today.  She made a pasta dish.  I was already planning on pasta and a salad for dinner tonight, so I figured why not make her recipe instead.  Technically it isn't in her cookbook, but it is one of her recipes.  So why not! 

Caesar Pleaser Salad from CSK was on the menu already for me.  I was excited to try this recipe.  I don't really like a traditional Caesar. The anchovy taste is just not my cup of tea.  This vegan version was great.  The dressing was awesome.  It was garlicky with a cheesy flavor from the Nutritional Yeast.  The homemade croutons were to die for yummy! Not to mention putting chopped almonds on the salad gave it the texture of Parmesan on the romaine. 
I forgot the canola oil in the picture!
 The salad went perfectly with Kris' Vodka Pasta. 
Her pasta is all about doctoring up a jar of marinara.  I loved the mixture.  The cashew cream added a delicious richness to the sauce.  I couldn't taste the vodka.  My kids thought I was crazy when I said there was vodka in the sauce. You could see the wheels turning in their heads!  I  added some onion to my sauce, which was great.  I really loved the peas in the sauce.  I wouldn't have thought of that one on my own.  My kids liked this dish too!  You know I love that.  It was really easy and quick to put together. Here is the link to Kris' recipe.
This was a really simple yummy dinner that was popular with my whole family.  I had all the ingredients, and I would bet money you probably have them too.  I will be putting this in the rotation of dinners in my home.  It is great for those nights when you want a home cooked meal without much effort.  It was excellent! 


  1. I have the pasta on my planner! I just need to get the vodka. :)

  2. My husband's family is Russian so we always have Vodka in the freezer!