Friday, February 1, 2013

24 Karrot Cake

24 Karrot Cake pg. 266

I need you to promise me something.  Can you do it?  I mean really promise me, pinky promise.  This is serious!  I want you to make this 24 Karrot Cake. (By the way CSK spelled carrot with a "K." Not me, I do have spell check.)

I have made a lot of recipes from CSK.  This dessert is AMAZING!!   I am not sure why it was labeled a "2" in CSK.  It was literally a piece of cake to make.  The only prep you need is to soak some cashews for the Cashew Cream.  I have made the Cashew Cream before and here is a link: Basically after you soak the cashews, you just blend all the ingredients for the cream.   I refrigerated mine for awhile before I used it.  This made it nice and thick. 

OK so you made me a promise,  gather up these ingredients for the cake.  I am sure you have most,  if not all of these ingredients in your cabinet.
My son loves to use the sifter, so I let him in on the action.  It makes him feel so good to be a part of the cooking.
I don't know if you are watching the Superbowl?  I will be watching Beyonce.  We all know she will be singing her heart out to redeem herself from the whole singing with a prerecorded track thing.  I could care less who wins the game. Well, maybe I will root for The Ravens.  I think the guy from that movie The Blind Side is on that team. So at least I will have a familiar face to cheer for.  I am a girl and not that sporty!  Sorry:)  I am all about the half-time show.  Well that and the commercials.  If you are having people over, or go to a friends house bring this cake.  You will be a star with everyone for this sweet treat.

The recipe only makes one layer, but you could easily double it and make a layered cake.  The fresh orange zest is so delish in the cake.  YUM!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh fabulous! I know what's next on my list! We made the chocolate cake for my birthday last week. Oh my gosh! SOOOOO good!