Friday, February 8, 2013

Slow-Roasted Beets with Fresh Horseradish

Slow-Roasted Beets with Fresh Horseradish pg. 217
Today I made beets!  I have never made them before.  My husband has made them plenty of times when he makes Borscht.   His family is Russian, and that soup is a family tradition.  Beets are good, but I didn't honestly expect to like this dish all that much.  Partly because this recipe has nothing to fall back on other than beets. Guess what?  I loved this dish!  It was absolutely awesome.  Not too many ingredients, so they were simple to make.
I did find I needed to bake my beets much longer than the recipe called for.  I probably had mine bake twice as long.  Once they cooled, my very adorable and patient husband was kind enough to peel and cut them into these very pretty squares.  Truthfully, if I wasn't photographing them I would have simply sliced them.  Although, if you were entertaining they looked awesome on the plate.  You could look very "chefy" with the presentation. 

This was one of my favorite veggie dishes I have made from CSK.  Trust me, I shocked myself with this recipe.  I loved taking pictures of it too.  My husband said it looked like food porn!  I told him that there is a #-hashtag with that label on Instagram.  The color is so rich, almost scary! It's like the beets were in some sort of slasher movie.  I think this would be fabulous to include on a Valentines menu.  Just a thought.

Have a great weekend!


  1. There are beautiful. I don't like horseradish. Would they still be good without it?

  2. It would be just fine without the horseradish. The sherry vinegar and tarragon are awesome in it. Have you ever tried horseradish root? It is much milder than the bottled stuff. Just thought I would ask because I never had before cooking from this cookbook. Either way the recipe is very yummy.

  3. I am on a huge beet kick right now, I must try these!