My Family

These are my muses.  The lights of my life.  The reason I love to get up in the morning.  The people I hope to really wow with my cooking.

My Awesome Family
I have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 18 years.  Let's just get it out of the way now because I know you are thinking it... He is hot huh!  I know I am a lucky girl, but sorry ladies and gents he is all mine!  His name is Andrew. 

My oldest son Quent is a teen.  16 to be exact. Raising a teen is a lot of fun!  No seriously!!  He is driving.  That isn't stressful for me at all!  Actually this kid is pretty awesome and low key most of the time.

My daughter Phoebe the "Tween" is 12.  She loves animals a lot.  I am sure when she goes off to college someday she is going to gift me all her little creatures.  Lucky me! She is incredibly kind hearted and beautiful.  Having a daughter is so much fun.  I know I am a lucky girl!!

My toddler is Graham he is 4.  Yep, God thought he would wait until I was old and tired, and then give me my most rambunctious kid ever.  He is a character, and a true miracle.  Yeah, I was told I couldn't get pregnant anymore, but guess what the doctors were totally wrong!  Very blessed!

So there ya have it!  


  1. Beautiful Family - you are hilarious!

  2. You are very brave to take on this project with 3 kids. I tried to get my family to eat vegan...I think it lasted maybe a week! You are an inspiration.