Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Morning Glorious

Happy Halloween!  Recipe 2 is Morning Glorious.  I figured with all the candy that would be consumed today green juice was in order.  It was absolutely delicious.  I hadn't juiced veggies in awhile.  This recipe was mild enough for the newbie who might be just trying green juice for the first time.  It was sweet and refreshing.  Here are the ingredients this juice needs:
I juiced all of the above except for the lemon. I squeezed the lemon in the juice.  I tried putting a whole lemon in my juicer in the past and practically killed my juicer. Check out us sipping our green before we headed out with the kids.

Superman and Batgirl

My awesome family!
I hope you had a great Halloween!

PS Check this out:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Madeira Peppercorn Tempeh

Recipe 1 of Crazy Sexy Kitchen Project is done!  149 to go...

I sprung out of bed this morning awaiting a knock at the door from my UPS guy, but he never came.  It turned out that my Crazy Sexy Kitchen book just shipped today from Amazon.  I pre-ordered my book over a month ago.  So I just figured when the book came out today I would get it, but sadly I was wrong.  So plan B, I drove to my local  Barnes and Noble.  I figured I needed a second book anyway because I have promised one of my followers a cookbook. (Which I will pick randomly when I have  50 followers.)  Guess what Barnes and Noble didn't have the book yet either!  This was not looking good.  On to plan C, Kris Carr put out a a few sample pages of her book. Phew! Here is the link if you care to get a sneak peak:

So I had a few recipes to choose from.  Initially I thought I might just start with the chocolate cake, but somehow I thought you might not take me seriously.  It seemed less intimidating than tempeh.  I choose to be brave and make the Madeira Peppercorn Tempeh. The picture makes it look a little bit like Country Fried Steak.  It is lightly breaded served with potatoes and a veggie.  Yum!  

Off to the grocery store I went with my list in hand.  A couple of things on the list I wasn't sure about.  Quite often that is the case when I try a new vegan recipe.  This time it was Kombu.  Any guesses??

It is edible kelp.  Labeled as a sea vegetable on the bag.  I should have looked it up before I went shopping, but instead I had to rely on a very nice employee at my local Whole Foods.  He ripped my list right out of my hand literally and was off hunting it down.  At first he thought I meant Kombucha the drink. This kind of made me nervous.  What if he didn't come back? I had no idea what else I needed.  He did eventually return with my Kombu.  The other thing was the Madeira wine.  It's a cooking wine.  Definitely not something you want to poor into a glass and sip.  I have never purchased cooking wine, but 5 bucks later I now had it.  I usually just use whatever wine I have open, but I wanted to stick to the recipe.

Here are all the things you will need to cook this meal: 
Here is the final product:
Obviously I need to work on my photography skills! The gravy was incredible.  Honestly, like something you would eat in a fine restaurant.  My son said he thought it was something to serve at Thanksgiving. The problem, my tempeh never seemed as breaded or crisp as what was pictured online.  I would love to know Chef Sarno's secret to getting the tempeh crispy.  The flavor was really delicious.  Our house smelled incredible.   If anyone has any tips on making the tempeh have better texture please let me know. 

I am not a vegan, but I do appreciate a delicious vegan meal. It is important for me to introduce different foods to my kids.  I look forward to getting my cookbook, and mastering the art of vegan cuisine!

Don't forget to check out Kris Carr's website for more information on Crazy Sexy Kitchen. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Challenge: Crazy Sexy Kitchen

The wait is almost over!  Kris Carr's new cookbook is here October 30th, 2012!  Follow me as I attempt to cook my way through her new cookbook Crazy Sexy Kitchen.  Can the average American meat eating family go vegan?  What will my husband, teen, tween and toddler have to say about this? Let's find out! Read along while I learn how to cook Vegan.  Tomorrow is the big, bright, and beautiful day!  So sign up and follow my journey.  Everyone who signs up will be entered to win a copy of Crazy Sexy Kitchen!  This is going to be fun! Click on this link and check for yourself how great this cookbook is: