Thursday, March 14, 2013

Best of The Best In CSK

I am spending the weekend in the Florida Keys!  I plan on soaking up the sun, going to the spa, and visiting the Everglades.  I am actually going to take one of those air boats with a big airplane propeller.  It will zip us across the water. All in hopes of seeing some alligators in their natural habitat.  So I thought since I am almost at the end of CSK, I would leave you with my favorite recipes from each section of the book while I am away.  I will post some pictures from our trip when I get back.  Here is a picture from the plane today!  So pretty!
Here are all my favorites...
Juice: The Morning Glorious
This is my go to juice a few times a week. (Look at this picture!  This was early in the project.)

Smoothies: For The Love of Nog
This was a hard choice, but in the end this is my favorite!

Breakfast: Crazy Sexy Breakfast Tacos
You could eat these anytime of day!

Soups and Stews: Coconut and Red Lentil Soup
So delicious!  I have made this again and again.  I add potatoes & carrots to mine.

Sandwiches and Wraps: Crazy Sexy Veggie Quesadilla
These are insanely good!

Sensual Starters: Walnut Falafel
These were so yummy.

Symphonic Salads: Fennel & Fruits with Mandarin Champagne Vinaigrette
I had so many requests for this recipe from family members.

I still have one more "main event" to make, so this answer could change!
Main Event: Wild Mushroom Croquettes

I also have one more to make here too, but this one will be hard to beat.
Sexy Sides: Slow Roasted Beets with Fresh Horseradish

Dressings, Marinades and Condiments: Hummus Two Ways
You just can't go wrong with homemade hummus.

Snacks and Munchies: Kale Chips
These were surprisingly delish!

Sweet Seductions: 24 Karrot Cake
I made this twice in 48hrs it was so yummy!

What are some of your favorites?  Let me know...


  1. Wow, this all looks wonderful!
    I love the beany chili recipe (can't remember the exact name) and it's a bit hit with my son, too.

  2. I can't wait to try more of the recipes but my favorite right now is the Eggless sandwich/wrap. I put mine in a gluten free wrap OMG!!! I have made this soooo many time already. But I'm sure I'll have another favorite or 2 or 3 or 4 lol as I go through the book. Thanks for sharing your journey with us it was great to watch.