Sunday, February 24, 2013

Crazy Sexy Veggie Quesadilla

Crazy Sexy Veggie  Quesadilla pg. 137
Today I did a massive grocery shopping trip.  I have a big list of to-dos for Crazy Sexy Kitchen.  I would love to be on to my last 10 recipes come next week. My birthday is next week, and it would be so cool to give myself the gift of completing CSK.  Not sure if I can finish that many recipes between now and then?  I also have a baby shower to throw next week, so it will be a tough one! Before I count down my last 10, I still have 9 recipes to make.

I have been in search of burdock root for my last juice recipe.  I am wondering if I am going to have to offer the guys at Whole Foods a bribe in exchange for that darn root! They have promised me Tuesday, so we will see.  As I looked for ingredients for various upcoming dishes, I couldn't help snickering to myself about the Crazy Sexy Veggie Quesadilla recipe.  I admit I was being a little snarky.  I was thinking why do we need another quesadilla recipe in the world?  It really seems like a no brainer thing to make.
I stand corrected with this recipe.  You do need this one.  It is so yummy.  Quesadilla's can really be quite heavy and unhealthy.  If they are not vegan then they are usually loaded with cheese.  This recipe has a coarse puree of veggies and beans as its base.  It is so delish and flavorful. Then, you grill some mushrooms (remembering not to crowd the mushrooms ;)!) and add some crisp red bell pepper. Your mouth will begin to water as you prepare it. 
This made an awesome lunch, but you could easily have this for dinner as well.  It is a kid friendly meal.  I would maybe use a little less jalapeno in the kid's version.  We had some fresh salsa with our quesadillas.
It was so simple, and one of my favorites.   Pretty funny how wrong I was when I started this recipe.  All I can say is "awesome!"  

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  1. I agree about flavor, I find the combinations of flavor in this book outstanding. I love that Daiya cheese. I'm looking forward to making this one.

  2. I'm making this one this week!
    Can't wait to taste all the flavors!!! :-) LOOKS YUMMY! :-)

  3. This looks SO good!