Friday, February 15, 2013

Miso Soup with Shitake and Coconut Noodles

Miso Soup with Shitake and Coconut Noodles pg. 128
I woke up this morning to a ton of activity on my blog and Facebook page.  I hadn't even had my cup of coffee yet, but knew something was different, better than usual. I checked the traffic on my blog only to find thousands of page views!  Talk about shock.  I instantly called my hubby.  I was giddy.  This was why I had a spike in viewers:
Kris Carr had given me a very generous shout out on her Facebook page.  It just goes to show you how many people follow her and all her awesomeness.  Thanks for making my day so fun Kris!

All the excitement today got me pumped to make one of the recipes in CSK that kind of intimidated me.  I have a handful of recipes left that will really test my new found cooking skills.  Each makes me sweat a little when I think about preparing them.  Whether it is the difficulty of the dish, or maybe the ingredients aren't my fav. I know I will need to man up and just get the job done.  This Miso Soup was one I wasn't sure I would like.  I don't eat miso regularly although I do like miso soup in restaurants.  Here is what I went to Whole Foods to buy so I could conquer my miso fear.
I have to give Whole Foods a major shout out of my own.  I had to get fresh coconut for this recipe.  Usually Whole Foods will have some cut up and packaged to buy.  Of course they didn't have any today.  So I stood in front of the whole coconuts thinking I was going to have to channel Survivor and Jeff Probst to shuck the coconut.  Luckily, a very nice employee offered to cut up the coconut for me.  What other grocery store provides that kind of service?  It was awesome!! I was so grateful.

I don't think I have ever made anything with miso before.  Miso is quite fascinating, the label says it has been aged for 2 years.  It is like a fine aged wine.  This was inside the package when I opened it.  I thought it was encouraging, yet it confused me a bit because of the soy in it.  I always hear so many conflicting views on the whole soy topic. Let me know if you have any info on miso...
The recipe was easy to make.  You will blend half the ingredients, and chop the other half.  The dish is served virtually raw, so once you prepare the ingredients it is basically ready it eat.
This soup was amazing.  My husband was chowing it when he got home.  Although he added some chile sauce to spice it up.  I was surprised how much the ginger spiced it up. 
I love a good surprise.  This soup was pretty fab, that was a tasty surprise.  Kris Carr's shout was an absolutely awesome surprise!  


  1. What a great blog/project! My husband and I are working our way through CSK too and it's fun to see all the familiar recipes. I'm also super impressed that your kids like them too! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you! It has been lots of fun, and a total learning experience.

  3. So glad and deserved that she gave you a shout out! I saw she Pinned it on Pinterest, too!
    I adapted this recipe to ingredients I had on hand and it was delicious! Very flavorful.

  4. Brooke, thats awesome about the cool shout out Kris Carr gave you!