Sunday, February 10, 2013

Crazy Sexy Cancer

I am writing today not about a recipe from Crazy Sexy Kitchen.  You see I am feeling quite sad about something.  Normally I probably wouldn't share my personal feelings too heavily because this is a food blog.  Even so, in a round about way this subject relates to Kris Carr and all that she has built in the past 10 years.  You see Kris was diagnosed with Cancer on February 14, 2003. (10 years ago)  I found Kris when her documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer was on TV.  I was immediately drawn to her story.  A few years later I would Google Kris because a friend of mine had just been diagnosed with cancer.  I was scared for my friend.  I was scared for me.  I wanted to find information and  power because of the shitty news.

When I found Kris again that night, Crazy Sexy Diet was just about to be released.  I was so happy to see how great and healthy she looked.  I consumed everything she had written in books, all her blog posts and her vlogs as well.  I wanted power with all the uncertainty that was taking place with my friend.  Kris and her message made me feel like I had a small amount of control over the situation.

Flash forward  a few months, and one of my family members had surgery to remove reoccurring cancerous tumors growing in her body.  She too started following Kris.  It gave her hope.  Let's jump another year ahead, and another family member gets the diagnosis.  He is young.  It broke my heart.  During this time another friend/neighbor is being treated for breast cancer, and back in my old neighborhood yet another friend/neighbor is being treated for breast cancer.

Today I sadly found out  another one of my friends has cancer.  I am sad, scared and angry.  It just keeps happening.  I never seem to find the right words to say each time I find out the news.  I just am so shocked. I pray she has a speedy recovery.

All of this is what led me to Kris Carr.   I follow Kris because she has given me kick ass weapons to help keep myself and family healthy.  I know none of us really have the power to avoid cancer.  We can eat clean, get plenty of rest,  and not stress.  It really seems to boil down to luck.  Even so, I still love that Kris has been a warrior in terms of getting info out to the rest of us.  We can use her wealth of knowledge to live an amazingly conscience life. 

Well, if you ever wondered why I am such a strong believer in Kris Carr now you know.  I wish it wasn't because someone got sick.  I wish cancer just disappeared forever.  I am thankful Kris shed a bit of light for me when I was scared.  I am so happy she is doing so awesome 10 years later!  She has given me many tools to live happily and healthy.  Lastly, she is funny! The girl makes me laugh, and as her doctor Kenneth Bock said at a recent Chat & Chew, "Laughter is still the best medicine!."

Thanks for listening to my story. Tomorrow more recipes from Crazy Sexy Kitchen!

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your friend. Cancer definitely sucks!