Monday, February 18, 2013

Tofu Scramble & Sweet Potato Hash

Tofu Country  Scramble pg. 101
Smokey Sweet Potato Hash pg. 102

The countdown is on.  I now have 23 recipes left to prepare from CSK.  So exciting!  Today it was all about the breakfast.  My husband and I prepared it together.  I made the Tofu Scramble and he made the Sweet Potato Hash. 
Tofu Scramble
Sweet Potato Hash
You will want to prepare the Sweet Potato Hash before the Tofu Scramble because the hash needs to bake for about 20 minutes.  While the hash is doing its thing you will have time to finish the scramble.

Neither recipe took long to prepare.  I think it took me longer to photograph breakfast than it did to make it.  How sad is that?  I can tell you taking pictures on glass plates is only a good idea in theory.  It is much more difficult to get a good shot.  Between the glare of the lights coming off the plates or the fingerprint smudges, it made things way too complicated. 

I finally decided to go eat, and then come back to my pictures.  Maybe I just couldn't concentrate on an empty stomach?  One thing is for sure, I finally found a way I like eating tofu.  If you have read any of my previous blog posts involving tofu I get a bit whiny.  Tofu scramble didn't feel like a weird texture, which was awesome.  It was much like a scramble egg.  I actually wondered if my BFF would like it? You see she hates eggs.  Maybe I will make it for her when she comes back to town in a couple of weeks. I am throwing her a baby shower. 

I was a little skeptical about the Fakin Bacon or in my case the Smart Bacon the hash called for.  My expectations were low.  It was actually pretty awesome, and only 20 calories a serving. Yeah! The hash was absolutely delicious.  I do have a confession about the hash. There was nothing "smokin" about my hash because I didn't use smoked paprika.  Truth is I can't stand it.  So I used a sweet paprika instead. 

I was thinking as I cleaned up the dishes this morning about something.  Not sure if you have ever noticed, but when you clean the pots, pans and plates from a vegan meal nothing ever sticks.  It takes very little scrubbing to get everything clean.  It is such a good example to what I am sure it does inside our bodies.  Just something to think about...

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