Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Iron Machine

Iron Machine pg. 84

I got a comment on yesterday's post that caught my eye.  An anonymous person informed me that my Chard looked a lot like Collard Greens.  All I could think of was oh s--t! Here I thought  I really knew my vegetables, boy was I wrong.  I was bragging that I could find myself in any produce section of the grocery store and cook anything.  Not!  Well not if I can't get the dang veggie right.  Duh!  I immediately Googled pictures of Chard and Collard Greens.  Turns out I picked up the wrong leafy veggie. Oops!  So today I went back to Whole Foods and got Chard, and yet again I made Sauteed Chard (Well truth be told my husband made it for me!).   This time we ate Chard!
If you blindfolded me and fed me Chard or Collard Greens I don't think I could tell the difference! They tasted really similar. To that anonymous commenter, thank you for showing me the way to Chard!  It just goes to show you I am never done learning! I wonder who Mr. or Mrs. anonymous was?  I am so curious? 

Now that we got that cleared up I have something very exciting to share with you.  I found Burdock Root!  The produce guy at Whole Foods came through for me.  Yeah!
It is huge.  This one was cut in half.  I made my very last juice, The Iron Machine.
I wish I could say I saved the best for last, but I would be lying.  This juice tasted way too earthy for me. Actually describing it as earthy is me being kind.  It tasted like dirt.  Before you ask me if I washed everything really good, the answer is yes!  OK I said it, sorry Chef Sarno I hate bad mouthing your recipe,  99.9 percent of your recipes have been really awesome.  I wish I could say after all that effort to get that dumb root that it was worth it, but for me it just wasn't.  Let me know if you liked it? If you can stomach the juice your body will be really happy because it is full of iron.  Give it a try.  Be brave!  Good luck finding Burdock Root... Seriously good luck!


  1. Hi! I was your anonymous reader who posted about the collard yesterday :) I can't believe you went ahead and made the dish again with chard!
    I'm Yannik (that's usually a man's name but I'm a woman) and I have been reading your blog with great interest. Truth be told, I bought this cookbook when it first came out and I still have to try a single recipe... Your project is awesome and inspiring - Good luck crossing the finishing line!
    P.S. Next time you buy collard, try using them for some raw wraps - it's delicious!

  2. Hi! Thanks for the heads up yesterday:) That was pretty funny. Looking forward to the finish line for sure. I appreciate the support:)

  3. I usually like "earthy" tasting drinks, I have wanted to try this one but have not been able to find burdock root either.

  4. My friend said most Asian markets carry it.