Thursday, February 7, 2013

Super Sprout Salad & Cauliflower Risotto

Super Sprout Salad pg. 171
Cauliflower Risotto pg. 218
Do you know anything about Instagram?  It is an App you can download, I am pretty sure for free. (I can't remember for sure if I bought it. I don't think I did.)  It is pretty awesome. It is just a place to share pictures.  My daughter got me hooked.  She is a very tech savvy pre-teen.  It is huge with her friends.  They post all kinds of things, like cute quotes or pictures with their friends.  I have been using it to post pictures of my food.  Click on the button above if you aren't familiar.  I promise you will be hooked.  The App works a lot like Twitter because you can use hashtags (# or @) to link subjects and people to your pictures.

Anyway, you can follow just about anyone on Instagram.  My daughter follows Justin Bieber.  I started following Kris Carr and Chef Chad Sarno during my cooking project.  I love seeing what they post.  Chef Sarno always posts these amazing food creations.  They are always very beautiful and make me hungry.  I sort of have a love hate relationship with these pictures.  On one hand they are inspiring, but on the other it reminds my how strictly amature I am!

Here are two dishes I will be sticking on Instagram today.  You can see how I was striving to be food "arty" like Chef Sarno.  First up is the Super Sprout Salad.

It looks so pretty don't you think?  This salad calls for sunflower sprouts.  Whole Foods finally had these bad boys!  It has only taken months for the stars to align, and I would get to buy them.  Usually I have to settle on a different sprout.  Of course, they didn't have the pea shoot sprout, so I went with broccoli sprouts.  I know, not the same but I was working with what I had!  I liked this salad.  The oranges were amazing in it.  You did have to get a bit of everything on your fork for it to come together.  Otherwise, it could be a bit bland.  Even so, together it was delicious. I have come to realize how awesome citrus can be in salads.  I love it!

The other dish was the Cauliflower Risotto.  This was excellent and not hard to make.  It was essentially cauliflower prepared three different ways, and then combined.  Part puree, part whole cauliflower, and part minced cauliflower.
I really enjoyed it.  The puree on its own was like an amazing soup.  My kids were thrown off by the truffle oil in the final product.  I think the oil is an acquired taste.  They did eat it, but sort of kept questioning the flavor, and I know it was the oil.  I personally loved it as did my husband, and would definitely make this again. Maybe I just won't put the truffle oil in it so the kids like it more.


  1. Good to see you only need one head of cauliflower - I was wondering about that one...

    The sprout salad looks gorgeous. You pair things together so well!

    I like piccollage too, as well as instagram.

  2. I was skeptical about this risotto recipe. It seemed to have it, without rice. Looks amazing though!

    I am also an instagram addict. I love what both CS & KC post!