Friday, February 22, 2013

Asian Stir-Raw with Miso Ginger Sauce

Asian Stir-Raw with Miso Ginger Sauce pg. 187
It's the weekend! I am so happy for it.  Granted no Pink concert this weekend, but my pesky cold that I had last week has finally gone away.  This weekend is devoted to beautifying as if I was going to attend the Oscars.  It started today with my nails.
Later a little waxing.  Ouch and TMI I know! Now my hair.  Anyone who really knows me knows the rocky relationship I have with my hair.  Even my mother refers to my curls as ugly curls not so much because it is curly, but because the curls have such a mind of their own!  What mother says that? I know, sad but true. (She has the same kind of hair, so I don't take it too personally.) I am a curly girl, and have actually made great strides to come to peace with it in the past year.  I think the key has been just letting it grow and grow.

One of my most favorite things to do is get my hair colored, trimmed and conditioned.  (Ahhhh it is pure bliss.) It is the little things in life.  So come Sunday I will be Oscar ready as I sit on my couch and watch The Academy Awards.  Love it! (It's actually completely coincidence that I am getting all my beauty stuff done the same weekend as The Oscars or maybe it is just fate!)
In my fantasy, if I was walking the red carpet, I might eat Asian Stir-Raw.  It is a light meal that will fill your belly in a totally healthy and tasty way.  No bloat here.  The veggies are coated with a  yummy tangy sauce.  The sauce makes this like no other stir-fry I have ever had. My husband loved it. I would have probably loved it too, but stir-fry meals are generally not my fav.  Don't judge, I am just being honest;) The things that will make this stir-raw stand out are the fresh cilantro and basil on top of it.  Cilantro makes everything taste better.
It's a veggie rainbow!
I heated my stir-raw up into a stir-fry for a few minutes in my wok because it was dinner and I wanted something warm to eat.  Honestly, I don't know how people only eat raw.  That is a big commitment. If it had been midday I might have eaten it raw.  I said Maybe!
This Miso Ginger Sauce was awesome.

I hope you have a great weekend.  Any predictions or favorites for best picture?  I am rooting for Argo!

FYI, 19 more recipes to go...