Thursday, January 3, 2013

Crazy Sexy Tacos

Crazy Sexy Breakfast Tacos pg. 106
Crazy Sexy Refried Beans pg. 215
Sprouted Lentil & Heirloom Salsa pg. 242

Tacos, Beans & Salsa Ole!
With meals like this everyone would be vegan and loving it!  You miss nothing from this trio of amazing dishes, and when combined together it makes some delicious tacos.

Now, if someone could tell my kids this maybe they would believe you because they are having a hard time listening to me.  I keep trying to offer them all this delicious food and they just want fried crap.  I swear, never ever cave when your kids are young and give them junk food. It is so hard to get them back from the dark side.  My son ended up liking everything tonight, but I am getting sick of the eye roll before each meal.  This is the best I have ever ever cooked and I still have to bribe my kids to eat their veggies. Not to mention, I think my husband is so over my preoccupation with everything regarding this project because we have fought 2 days in a row which totally sucks!  Frustration... 

On a positive note I  absolutely loved this combo of recipes together.  So don't let my unenthusiastic family scare you off!

First up is Sprouted Lentil & Heirloom Salsa.  I didn't use heirlooms, but it was great with vine ripened tomatoes.  I had never thought about putting lentils in my salsa before.  It seems lentils aren't just for soup anymore.  I used red lentils.  They cook up pretty fast, and have excellent flavor.  Lentils are great because they are jammed packed with fiber and protein.
Next up is Crazy Sexy Refried Pinto Beans.  It is so amazing how easily you can doctor up canned beans.  Adding a little bit of onion, jalapeno and vegetable broth and these beans were incredible.  Mash the beans a bit to get a coarse puree.

All the recipes were pretty quick to put together.  The lentils needed to be soaked for a hour or more so they become sprouted.  I am still new to this whole process of sprouting things, and  probably could use an explanation on the subject.  So if anyone knows leave me a comment.

Here is where the magic happens.  Combine all these recipes and prepare to smile!
In the past I would have thought cheese needed to be part of a meal like this, but it just isn't the case.  As I eliminate dairy from my diet I am finding I don't miss it.  Fresh ingredients fill in the gaps and leave you so fulfilled.

Now I am going to pull the covers over my head as my family rolls their eyes at me.


  1. Ok I found you first on Instagram from liking one of my photos and finally found your blog on my computer! I'm so happy you are doing this blog because I am cooking my way through this book too so it's awesome to see what you have to say.

    Just know that my family does NOT like all this either and I have actually taught my kids to cook if they don't want to eat what I'm making, which is never! (My kids are 15 and 17 so I think it's way too late to bring them back from the dark side! But it's took me 37 years to see the light!) But even though your family might be frustrated with you...I went through this for several months...just keep strong and understanding. Maybe incorporate some yoga into your helps!

    Anyway, just wanted to comment and say thank you for putting yourself in my path on Instagram so I can now follow your blog!

  2. Thank you for your awesome words of encouragement! I am staying strong cooking! I agree it has taken me 41 yrs to see the light. Someday they will understand... Do you have a blog I can follow?

  3. No I don't have a blog...I don't even know how to create one. I tried on Google but it somehow disappeared. My daughter insists I should do one with the whole lifestyle overhaul I've done over the past 4 months...if I figure it out I'll let you know!

  4. Check out Blogspot. I knew pretty much nothing a few months ago!