Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Super Fudge (Low-Fat) Brownies

Super Fudge (Low-Fat) Brownies pg. 258
Super Fudge Brownies
I have been eyeing this recipe in CSK since I got the cookbook.  Brownies are always a household favorite.  Usually my brownies come from a box, five steps: empty box, crack eggs, add water, mix, bake.  The problem is if you want a vegan brownie, they aren't.  The recipe in CSK has a few more steps then the boxed brownie I would traditionally make.  I guess truth be told I was a little intimidated because the CSK recipe seemed a little "chefy" for brownies.  Here is what you will need for these vegan, non-boxed, low-sugar, homemade brownies.
The brownies are labeled a "1" for easy in CSK, but I kind of think they are closer to a "1 1/2"! First off, you have to make a prune puree.  Let's pause for a minute, yes, prunes will be in your brownies. OK, once you get over the fear of the prunes, you have to make the puree.  Not so hard, just boil your pitted prunes in water, let them simmer for 10 minutes, drain, blend with some of the prune broth and then you are pretty much good to go.  The dry ingredients needed to be sifted.  My 4 yr old got into the action.  He said, "Look mom, it looks like snow!"
I had to invest in a sifter last night.  I was stuck on the other side of town yesterday because of traffic.  No seriously, stranded in Santa Monica, CA because the freeway was a disaster.
( I had a doctor's appointment if you must know, that is why I was over there!) Anyway I went into my first Sur La Table.  Boy could I spend big money there.  It was an awesome cooking store. 

One of the coolest parts about baking vegan is your kids can lick the bowl with no worries.  This is one happy kid!
Just call me Darth!
The brownies came out of the oven pretty gooey.  I had to freeze them to take shape.   I think I would bake them longer next time.  The recipe calls for a baking time of 12-13 minutes.  The outer edges of the brownies were more the consistency I like.  I guess my family likes more of a cakey brownie.  These were more like fudge.  Plus, I couldn't get the prune flavor past my kids.  Although they kind of liked them, I can't say they loved them.  This is another case where they have been exposed to the dark side of junk food and sugar for too long.  It is hard to come back from all of that.  Case in point look closely at my son's shirt...  The grown ups in the family enjoyed them.  They were a guilt free treat!

 I think if you are looking for a low-sugar and low-fat brownie you have found your answer.


  1. Hi there! I also made them this week and I gotta say, I LOVED THEM!!! I joked with my FB friends that if anyone ever told me I would like a vegan brownie that had prunes in it, I would have LAUGHED right in their face. These were much better out of the freezer (very chewy) and I liked them very fudgey not cakey.

  2. That is great! If you loved these then you will really love the chocolate cake in CSK. Yum!

  3. Prunes sound so daunting, but good to hear that they are tasty!

  4. The prunes weren't that big a deal. Don't let that scare you away. Just think they will be sweet and fiberlicious;)

  5. My friend bakes these often and they are sooooo good! I have to get the recipe so I can begin to bake them for myself.

  6. My friend bakes these often and they are so good! I have to get the recipe so I can bake them for myself!