Saturday, January 5, 2013

French Toast with Amaretto Creme

French Toast with Amaretto Creme pg. 105

This is going to be a great day.  I am planing a day for the family.  After the eye rolling and bickering we experienced last time I blogged we were in need of a day of fun.  OK, let me rephrase a day of fun, geared for the kids.  The day is going to begin like this:
Yep it is that good, French Toast with Amaretto Creme.  Here is what you will need for amazing Amaretto Creme and the French Toast.
You may have seen the large bottle of Amaretto Liquor.  I was a little confused by this when I read the recipe.  The recipe calls for 1/2 a cup to be put in the creme.  The creme isn't cooked.  So not sure if I bought the wrong thing?  Since my amaretto had alcohol in it I decided to boil it (a lot) and cook the alcohol out.  No need to get tipsy with breakfast.  That would be a day of fun if I woke up in Las Vegas.

I felt a bit deflated from my kids' lack of enthusiasm with my cooking last time I wrote.  I figured this recipe was a sure fire way to bring them back from the dark side without any resistance.  My oldest son loved them!! Yes, no eye roll here!
My daughter on the other hand decided to be snarky and said I quote, "It tastes like something green is in there." What the...?? I can promise you nothing about this breakfast tasted green.  It was sweet and delicious.  My husband, son and I thought it was the best french toast we had ever tasted! It could and should be served in a restaurant.  Maybe it is? Anyone?
I have to believe at some point my tween daughter will realize I am feeding her incredible food.  Ya know what I think it is, I think it is just a mother daughter thing.  She is at that stage where she isn't going to love anything I do.  She is trying to gain her independence.  I won't give up, I will bring her back to the light side!  She is a smart girl, she will figure it out soon.  I hope!

FYI Chef Sarno from Crazy Sexy Kitchen has a new business with whom I think is his brother?  It is called Island Sprouts.  Cute baby clothes with sayings like "Eat Play Love".  I am a huge Elizabeth Gilbert fan (she wrote Eat Pray Love). So I couldn't resist buying my best friend who is pregnant, a onesie for her future baby.  (Do you like it Kim?)  Island Spouts gives back to communities by giving seeds to sprout community gardens.  The business is bread in Maui.  Maui is close to my heart.  I have family there so supporting a business on the island was an easy thing to do. check it out!
We are out of here.  Indoor jumpy house place followed by Monster Inc 3D!  I know you wish you could go too...

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