Monday, January 14, 2013

Sweet Greens

Sweet Greens pg. 83
Sweet Greens
When I woke up this morning, I grabbed for my iPhone that was along side my bed.  Nothing different from how I normally awake.  I quickly scrolled through my emails to see what's up in my world.  To my surprise there was an email from  Not the normal Monday morning Newsletter.  This was different.  It was more personal.  It was sent to me.  It quickly made me sit up.

I have fantasized about this email.  Although in my fantasy it could be other things besides an email like maybe a phone call, a card, a dinner, a Hay House event... It really depends on my mood.  When I started this blog I half jokingly said maybe Kris will come to my house for dinner.  I am no dummy, I realize how busy Kris and Chef Sarno are and I have no delusions of anything from cooking my way through this cookbook.  Although I must admit their re-Tweets never get old.  It is the social media I am newest to, and it is really fun.  Oh and of course  I want to leave the blog world on good terms with everyone! 

OK so back to this email.  It started out quite flattering.  Thank you Natanya, but quickly I found myself slightly panicked. I had an "oh shit moment!" Turns out I made a bit of a mistake.  I have been so careful to not post any recipes, and really strive to make Kris and Chef Sarno proud.  Anyway, I fixed the problem, but not before feeling kind of stressed.  I bet you are wondering what I did?  I am going to leave that for you to chew on today! Let me just be very clear the last thing I want is to be 91 recipes in and lose the support of Kris and Chad.  That would suck, and be kind of like that  part in Julie/Julia when Julie Powell finds out that Julia Childs hates her.  That must have been heartbreaking.

So after starting the day a little stressed all I could think of was I need a drink...
Line them up, because we are doing shots!  Sweet Greens shots!  Here is what you will need to join me as I drink me sorrows and embarrassment away.
I used to wash all my veggies separately as I prepared to make juice.  I don't have that kind of time, so now I just throw them all in the sink together.  After I give them a good soak I will peel and chop anything that needs it.
Sometimes it is hard to believe how many veggies I am drinking when I make juice.  Check out this healthy layout of greens.  Funny story about the greens, one of those leafy veggies is dandelions.  It only took a trip to 3 different stores before I got them. (I love when that happens. Not!) My husband found them at Sprouts.  Sprouts has produce for a fraction of the cost of one of my other frequented stores which will remain unnamed. I don't want to piss off anymore people this week. Anywho, the cashier asked my husband, "Are the dandelions for your turtle or rabbit?"  My husband said, "I don't think my wife fits either one of those categories!"   The cashier was speachless!
That's a whole lot of green goodness.  In a blink of an eye, these turned into this deliciously mild green juice.
Which was just what I needed to feel better about my slightly frazzling morning.  So lets start drinking baby.
  I am 6 shots in already!  Don't let me drink alone;)

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