Friday, January 11, 2013

Food & Play for the Soul

Recipe 88 & 89
Supah Good Mashed Potatoes with Garlic Herb Buttah Pg. 222 & 230
Garlic Herb Buttah
Comfort foods are awesome.  They make us feel all warm and fuzzy. Plus, they put a smile on our face.  In my house mashed potatoes are classified as a comfort food.  They in fact are my daughter's favorite food.  This recipe had a very tough critic.  My daughter has not been afraid to tell me when she hasn't liked a recipe.  I have to say, I heard nothing from her except the scraping of her spoon as it cleaned her plate.  She ate every bit of these Supah Good Mashed Potatoes with Garlic Herb Buttah.  Victory is mine, and I guess Derek Sarno the guest chef who created this recipe in CSK! (Also Chef Sarno's Brother, I think.)  Here are the ingredients you will need to feed your soul some seriously comforting mashed potatoes.
Mashed Potato Ingredients
Garlic Herb Buttah
The Garlic Buttah is the more complicated of the two recipes because it takes a couple of steps.  In the end you are rewarded with some tasty homemade vegan buttah.  The recipe calls for some cashews to be soaked in preparation.  Then you have to make your, "Herby Goodness."  This requires sauteing garlic and shallots in a pan with veggie broth, and then placing the pan in the oven to roast the herbs for ten minutes.  Now, you are ready to mix your ingredients for the butah.  Lastly, you want your buttah to chill so it takes shape.  I lined a little bowl with cellophane and poured my mixture in it.  That way it wouldn't stick, and I could pop it out to take pretty pictures.  I also put mine in the freezer for about 20 minutes, and then transferred to the refrigerator to speed of the hardening process. 
The mashed potatoes were easy and pretty standard to prepare.  They took only minutes once the potatoes were boiled.
Supah Mashed Potatoes
Good for the soul and yummy!  Another thing that was good for the soul was my trip to Disneyland.  We took our older kids, and left our littlest home with grandma. (Thank you grandma!) My son and his girlfriend went off to play in the park, as did my daughter and her friend.  This left my husband and I to explore the park alone!  We had a date at Disneyland.  It was fabulous.  The crowds were low because it was kind of chilly out.  This just added to the enjoyment.  We laughed, held hands, and had a ball.  Later, we caught up with the kids, and finished the day together.  We rode a few new rides over at California Adventure, Disneyland's sister park.  My son's girlfriend got me to go on the Tower of Terror for the first time.  That was one crazy ride!  Check out some of our pictures from various rides.  We just snapped the picture off the monitor to avoid spending $25 bucks, so the pictures are bit grainy, but you get the point!
Car's Land, we had no idea they took our picture!
Look how serious we are! We'll get you Zurg!
We are in the right first two rows of Tower of Terror.  I look
surprisingly calm considering I was freaking out!
My soul is well fed in more ways than one! I am a lucky girl!


  1. I'm out to shop today - I'll be making this and the french toast! YIPEE! Your blog inspires me!

  2. That is awesome! Have a great weekend!

  3. We made the potatoes - oh my gosh they "buttah" makes it! My husband used the "buttah" on regular bread and made garlic toast - phenomenal. The french toast was very rich - great for holidays or a birthday brunch, don't you think? Thanks for the tip on burning out the alcohol.

  4. Glad you liked everything! I totally agree the French Toast is a special occasion dish. Although, I think I would be pretty happy eating it everyday, but my waistline might not be too happy;)