Thursday, January 17, 2013

Garden Lasagna

Garden Lasagna pg. 205
Cashew-Pine Nut Ricotta pg. 231
Tomato Relish pg. 239
Garden Lasagna
This was one doozie of a recipe!  It was a lot of ingredients and time for essentially a fancy salad. 

So, I will just get right to it.  You will want to soak some cashews in prep for the Cashew-Pine Nut Ricotta.  The Ricotta was pretty easy to make.  Throw all your ingredients in a food processor and waa-laa!  You could definitely take any leftovers from the ricotta and make a yummy sandwich or wrap.  Here is what you will need to put some protein in your lasagna.
Cashew-Pine Nut Ricotta
Next up is the Tomato Relish.  This was actually pretty awesome.  It had lots of flavor and I think was the best part of this dish.  It would make a killer pasta sauce.  It was a cinch to make because it just required a bit of chopping.
Tomato Relish
The last major component to the lasagna was an Olive Tapenade.  I have made the tapenade before so I didn't list it above, but here is the link if you want to check it out:

Here are the remaining ingredients needed for your lasagna.  I warned you this was a whopper of a recipe!

Can you tell this wasn't my favorite?  It was just too much work for what it was.  The flavor is good and the presentation was nice.
So if you have the time go for it!



  1. Just want to say am loving your blog! Well done! An Irish Reader x

  2. Thank you!! That is really nice to hear. I appreciate it!

  3. That does sound like a lot of steps, but the ricotta looks yummy! I may just make that and use it for pizza.

  4. The ricotta was very yummy. It was a lot of steps for sure. Putting the ricotta on pizza is a great idea!

  5. Chad Sarno has a way better picture of this salad on his website. Mine is too big!