Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cucumber Cups

Cucumber Cups with Olive Tapenade pg. 141
Cucumber Cups with Olive Tapenade
Over the next few days I am going to make several awesome appetizers that you can serve at your New Year's Eve party.  Today we will start with the Cucumber Cups with Olive Tapenade.  Here is what you will need to get the party started as "Pink" would say. (Love her!)
My new zester courtesy of my BFF!!
These were a piece of cake to make.  You can prepare the Tapenade Cups ahead of time and pull them out of the refrigerator when your guests arrive.
Now you just need to invent your signature New Year's Eve cocktail...

Here is one of my favorites: The Burning Mandarin
one part cranberry
one part OJ
one part fresh lemon juice
simple syrup
shot of Absolute Mandarin
muddle a couple slices of a green serrano chile
shake it all up with some ice and pour (straining out the ice)
garnish with a sugar rimmed martini glass and a slice of serrano
*chill martini glass in freezer for added wow!
It is zesty!

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