Sunday, December 9, 2012

Recipe 50 Strawberry Fields Smoothie

Recipe 50!!!!
Strawberry Field Smoothie pg. 95

I have completed 50 recipes!  I am 1/3 of the way done with The Crazy Sexy Kitchen Project.  Committing to making 150 recipes is a lot of cooking and grocery shopping! When I posted a comment on Kris Carr's website in late October stating I should do a Julie/Julia vegan version using CSK, I was half joking.  When Corinne Bowen from Kris Carr's website asked if I was going to blog the experience, all I could think was of course!  I decided on a whim to seize the moment and go for it. 

Emailing the idea immediately to all my friends and family just made me accountable to my commitment.  I, like Julie Powell the original Julie/Julia, sometimes have a hard time completing projects.  I get bored. I get busy. I get distracted. I do have a busy life outside this project, but I want to see this through to the finish line.  Not be a flake.  I want to make myself proud. I am becoming a pretty good cook, and have found I really like taking the pictures!

To celebrate 50 recipes we of course went to....


Before we took off to "The Happiest Place On Earth," I made the family Strawberry Field Smoothies.   "Strawberry Fields Forever..." You gotta love The Beatles.  A little something healthy before we went and polluted our bodies with lots of sugar.  Here is what you will need to start to sing like The Beatles.
Strawberry Fields Smoothie
I suggest making this one with a sweetened non-dairy if you are like me and need things sweeter.  The picture in CSK shows this smoothie as green.  So I may have gone too lite on the spinach, although I thought I followed the recipe.

Hey, help me celebrate 50 recipes!  Join my "Crazy Sexy Kitchen Foodies."  You too can win a CSK cookbook!  Only 100 recipes to go... Wish me luck!

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