Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wild Mushroom Pho Show & Chai Latte

Wild Mushroom, Ginger, and Minted Brussels Pho Show pg. 127
Chai Latte pg. 91
Pho Show
Today I cooked a hot meal!  It is rainy here where I live in LA, and the Pho Show sounded like the perfect thing to make for dinner.  The recipe called for all kinds of mushrooms.  Many kinds my local grocery store nor Whole Foods had.  So I just bought various mushrooms my store did have.  I got Shitake, Portobello, Oyster and some others that were just labeled mushrooms!  The various firmness the different mushrooms brought to the soup was great.  I plan to use the extra mushrooms to make crepes this weekend.  The rice noodles I added were a nice touch to the recipe.  My husband and I added some chile sauce to our soup to give it some added kick (we like it spicy).  It made the perfect hot and sour mixture.

I think we were all surprised how much we liked this soup.  None of us are huge fans of Asian cuisine. I mean we like it, but don't love it.   My teen said and I quote, "That was really good mom.  I am surprised I liked it so much!" They ate brussel sprouts, bok choy, lots of mushrooms and liked it! Yahoo!   This was only the second time I have cooked with brussel sprouts, and the first time I have used bok choy. The recipe called for 5 tablespoons of soy sauce, but I only put 2 tablespoons in my soup.  I can't see where it needed any more than that.  5 seemed to me to be a little excessive.  I also had to add more vegetable broth than the recipe called for.  I probably added 6 cups instead of the 4.  Here is what you will need for a delicious bowl of Pho.

Earlier in the day I also made Chai Lattes.  What a yummy treat.  I added some almond butter to my latte as the recipe suggested as an extra ingredient (It doesn't need it if you don't want it, but I love almond butter so I went for it.).  I know it isn't very Crazy Sexy Kris Carr to drink caffeine, but I think a shot a espresso would be incredible in this recipe.  The name after all is Chai Latte!  The espresso would be a very acidic element to put in your body, but if you needed a pick me up it would do the trick.  I added ice to my Latte, so technically I guess I made a frappuccino.  It tasted like dessert.  I had never used the spice cardamom.  The recipe suggests that a little of this spice goes a long way.  I just followed the book and it turned out perfectly.  Here is what you need to enjoy a great latte at home!
Chai Latte
Lastly, I just wanted to touch on a question I got from a reader.  She wanted to know how I go about meal planning?  I thought this was an excellent question, and that I would do my best to answer it.  Initially when I started this project I just picked recipes that were calling to me. The ones that made my mouth water when I read it or saw the picture.  Now that I am more into the cookbook I try to make at least one recipe from each section of the book weekly.  If I can tie together ingredients that can be used in other recipes I do so. That saves money, and time that I don't have to spend grocery shopping.  Some of the recipes are combined with others in the cookbook as well.  This helps me knock out multiple recipes in a day.  Mostly, I still just make what sounds good.  If I wasn't cooking my way through a cookbook I would have a bit more organized meal plan.  I like to make recipes that have leftovers.  That way I can cook every other night.  I strive to  make foods my entire family enjoys.   I am trying to be adventurous as I work my way through Crazy Sexy Kitchen.  Having fun eating new recipes, and trying to become a great cook. I hope that helps! 

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