Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chickpea Crepe

Chickpea Crepe (Farinata) with Mushrooms and Artichokes pg. 113
Chickpea Crepe
My husband is the pancake maker in our house.  He makes a mean pancake.  So when he saw this recipe in Crazy Sexy Kitchen he said, "I want to make that recipe!"  Today he helped me make Chickpea Crepes.  I had seen Chef Sarno make crepes on Kris Carr's website in the "Cooking School."  He made it look easy.  Granted he did warn in the cooking video as well as the book, that usually your first crepe doesn't turn out.  That was the case for us.  Actually our first couple were either too thick or too messy.  Eventually my hubby got the hang of it.  I made the Roasted Tomatoes, the Artichoke Aioli & the Crepe Batter, he made the Mushrooms and most importantly the Crepes.  We enjoyed an awesome breakfast!  Here is what you will need to make a yummy and impressive breakfast.
Here are a few tips to hopefully have success on your first crepe instead of your third:
Thin out your batter.
Heat your pan before you pour.
Pour the batter in a circular motion in the pan not from the middle.

We added a little hot sauce to our Crepes, because as I said before we like it spicy. (It never gets old!)  It was perfection!  Enjoy!

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