Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Gardener

The Gardener pg. 87
The Gardner
I mentioned last week I went to Las Vegas to see my BFF who was traveling through from London to San Francisco.  Well, tonight she is here at my house.  Actually she came earlier today.  I mentioned she is preggers with her first baby.  So today we went to one of those 3D ultrasound places.  Very cool stuff!  She got a 90% that she is having a little girl.  My kids were so thrilled to see the ultrasound.  The baby is only 13 weeks, but you could see it moving all around.  It was awesome.  

Well, because my friend and her husband are in town, and staying at my house I only made a juice today.  Between the house guests, Christmas and the normal day to day I am feeling more unmotivated to cook.  Which isn't great when I am trying to cook my way through a cookbook.  Luckily CSK has plenty of juices for these lazy days.

I found myself a little scared to try yet another juice recipe.  This was The Gardener. The combo just sounded weird.  Check it out:

See what I mean!  How could all that taste good?  The thought of radishes in the juice really threw me off.  The thing is, it did taste great!  It was sweet and the slight taste of orange was refreshing.  I enjoyed it.  To consume that much kale or carrots in one sitting would be crazy, but drinking it was super easy.

I saved some of the juice for my husband to try when he got home.  He liked it too! So 2 thumbs up! Whoo Hoo!   

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  1. What a lucky BFF! I bet she and her husband Paul are thrilled to be able to taste some of your cooking in person.... The pictures always make it look amazing!