Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Green "Paint" with Assorted Fruits

Green "Paint" with Assorted Fruits pg. 107
Green "Paint"
 Sometimes the simplest things bring the most pleasure.  For instance:

-Getting a hand written card from a new friend.
-The gold glitter nail polish on my ring finger.
-Watching my youngest sing Jingle Bells in the Christmas show at school.
-Having Chad Sarno re-tweet me on Twitter today!  (Thank You)

Many times when things are kept simple I get more pleasure from the experience.  Maybe it is that I haven't formed expectations, or that because it was something simple it was more effortless?  Today was a good day.  Little things, unexpected things, simple things that all brought me happiness.

Today I made Green "Paint" with Assorted Fruit.  It was "simple."  An effortless way to snack on something healthy.  Plus, who wouldn't like the opportunity to play with their food?   Here is what you simply need.
The "paint" is sweet.  I thought from the color it would taste like veggie powders I had in the past.  It didn't, it was delicious.   Spirulina is a microalga.  It is a complete protein with all the essential amino acids! Pretty cool huh?   I think "Green Paint" would be terrific in smoothies.  I am always looking to make my smoothies sweeter after all.  I put my "Green Paint" on some gluten free bread.
Chef Sarno tells a story in CSK about the actor Woody Harrelson's wife introducing him to Spirulina.  Woody was so funny in the movie "Friends With Benefits".  Have you seen it?  I liked it, he cracked me up.  It must be pretty cool to have the opportunity to cook for movie stars.  I bet Chef Sarno has some great stories.  I can't wait to someday go to Chef Sarno's restaurant in London.  My best friend lives there, and the next time I go visit her I plan on eating there. 

I have to share this with you. Today when I was taking a walk I saw this:

A Southern California snowman.  Simply funny!

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