Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pastrami-Spiced Young Carrots

Pastrami-Spiced Young Carrots with a White Bean Sauerkraut Puree pg. 223
Pastrami-Spiced Carrots
Was Santa good to you?  He was great to me.  The day was really nice, but can I just say I am glad it is over.  Is that horrible?  I love seeing the kids' joy as they open their gifts.  Heck, I love getting gifts.  Each year I try to scale back a bit, and make the holiday less commercialized, but still end up over spending.  The funniest thing, in hindsight, was the reaction my daughter gave me when making cookies for Santa.

Here I am really learning how to cook.  Making amazing things daily, yet I thought I could get away with buying pre-cut ready to bake sugar cookies.  The cookies actually were already decorated as well. I didn't realize that when I bought them. I swear! Seriously.  I feel you judging me. I warned you I wasn't a very good cook before I started this cooking project.  I bought pre-made frosting as well. I know, go ahead and roll your eyes I deserve it.  I figured it would expedite the whole process.  The kids could decorate cookies and all would be beautiful in my house.

Instead, my daughter could not hold back her disgust for the situation.  I was the loser mom who couldn't whip up homemade anything.  To top it off, my BFF who is in town totally backed my daughter up.  I felt pretty bad about myself while it was all taking place.  In the end, cookie decorating was still fun.  Santa got his cookies.  All was well in our house.  Me, I can laugh about it now.  Lesson learned no more store bought cookies, and maybe delegate better next year!  See for yourself, no permanent damage done...
One thing nobody could complain about was the veggie I made for Christmas dinner.  I was asked to bring a veggie side dish to my brother's house.  The Pastrami-Spiced Carrots sounded interesting, so I made them.  Here is what you will need to make them.
I love fresh dill.  My husband is Russian.  His grandma uses dill in everything, and I think it is delicious.  The carrots are covered with steak seasoning and baked.  The dill is blended into a dip with the beans, sauerkraut and a few spices.  I put the baked carrots on a bed of arugula with the dip on top.  The combo was very good.  It was almost like a salad.  Granted maybe I put too much arugula on my plate, but I like it that way! 
I am approaching the halfway mark on Crazy Sexy Kitchen, probably by New Years!  What was I thinking cooking my way through a cookbook?  Crazy me...

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