Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Veggie Burger & Sesame Salad

Black Bean & Roasted Sweet Potato Burger pg. 133
Cucumber and Sesame Salad pg. 161
Black Bean & Roasted Sweet Potato Burger with Sesame Salad
Yesterday one of my friends taught me about Twitter.  I could not figure it out what the big deal was about tweeting this, that or the other?  Now I know all about hashtags and tweeting.  It just seemed so random to me until yesterday.  My friend tweeted a link to my blog and I instantly saw an increase in traffic.  It was amazing and fascinating to see it happen.  I can only imagine what a shout out from someone like Kris Carr herself would do for this site.  The possibilities are endless.  Social media is pretty awesome.  I have learned how to Blog, Facebook, Instagram and now Twitter in the course of a little over month.  It is so fun when I get a thumbs up or comment on Facebook.  I tell you if you have never explored all these avenues of social media do it!   FYI my handle on Twitter is BrookeyMama start to follow me, and you will always know when I have made something tasty.  

Take for instance the veggie burgers I made. I love a good veggie burger.  They never disappoint in my book.   The trick is getting the consistency right so it doesn't fall apart.  I made Black Bean & Roasted Sweet Potato Burgers from CSK.  I had to restrain myself from not just eating the roasted sweet potatoes.  They were so good.  Here is what you will need for your veggie burgers.
The recipe called to brown the patty's in a pan.  I went one step further and baked mine as well for about 20 minutes to help them stick together.  You will need to plan a ahead a bit with this recipe because the sweet potatoes need to be roasted, and the rice needs to be cooked before you can make your patties.  It might be a good idea to make extra veggie patties since you are putting in the time and freeze some for later. 
I made a Sesame Salad to  accompany the burger.  I  chose this salad because I already had the ingredients and thought why not.  (Well in all honesty my sesame oil was old so I sent my daughter to borrow some from my neighbor.)   Salads were always the same at dinner before this project began.  Lettuce, tomato cucumber with an oil and vinegar.  Now my eyes have been opened to all the other dressings and ingredients I had been ignoring until now.  Toasted sesame seeds are so delicious in a salad.  I probably should have saved this salad for a more Asian influenced dinner, but oh well it was still yummy just the same.
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  1. Did you use corn starch instead of the corn meal?

  2. I did! I didn't have any cornmeal on hand so I improvised!