Monday, December 10, 2012

Curried Nada-Egg Wraps & Jolly Green

Curried Nada-Egg with Arugula pg. 135
Jolly Green pg. 87

The rewards I have received for making just 50 recipes from Crazy Sexy Kitchen have been amazing.  The kind comments many of you readers have left me always bring a huge smile to my face.  I am so thankful that you take time out of your day to visit this blog.  I know there are a lot of blogs out there and I thank you for visiting mine!

Since I started using Twitter last week, Chef Sarno has been so good to retweet many of my tweets.   Today, Kris Carr sent a Tweet in honor of recipe #50.  Thank you all for being so awesome to me!  Check out Kris Carr's Tweet:

I have just been having so much fun.  Yes, sometimes I am super tired and don't feel like doing the grocery shopping or cooking.  Even so, when I have a day like today I can't wait to do it again tomorrow!  Life is short and I am all about having a full experience.  This Crazy Sexy Kitchen Project has taught me so much about cooking vegan and social media.  I can't wait to see how I feel at recipe 100.  I am going to use Dori's motto from Finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming!" Eventually I will have completed my goal.
Curried Nada-Egg
Today I found myself slightly tortured at lunch time.  I had just ran 3 miles.  I was hungry, but I couldn't eat my lunch.  Why you ask?  Well, first I had to prepare and make it which had me drooling, Then I had to photograph it.  It smelled so good, but I totally had to be pleasure delayer.  I finally couldn't hold out any longer.  I made Curried Nada-Egg with Arugula Wraps.  The recipe called for Watercress or Arugula.  I happen to love arugula, so of course I went with that.  The curry smelled so fricken good.  Here is what you will need to be in curry heaven.
It was so easy to put together.  It makes enough for at least 6 wraps.  My kids unfortunately are not fans of curry so this recipe was a no go for them.  Their loss, because there will be more for me!  I didn't become a lover of curry until I was well into my adulthood.  So I am sure at some point they too will like curry.
I made Jolly Green juice to go with my lunch.  I have to admit I was a little nervous to taste this juice.  Usually I have some sort of fruit like an apple or pear in my juice to sweeten it up.  The juice has lemon in it which adds good flavor.  Truth is, I had a pear ready in case I needed it.  I figured I would make the juice, try it, and then if I didn't like it I would add my pear.  It didn't need the pear.  The juice was great!  It was enjoyable and quite refreshing.  My tummy didn't feel bloated after I drank it either.  Sometimes green juice can have some stinky side effects.  I know, TMI, but it is the truth.  Jolly Green was mild and I promise you will just feel healthy and satisfied for drinking your veggies.
Jolly Green
 So drink up!

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