Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fennel & Fruit

Fennel & Fruit pg. 84
Fennel & Fruit
I am back from my short 24hrs in Las Vegas.  That is one of the most fun places to go.  Time means nothing, and it is all about living large for a brief moment.  My husband and I met my BFF and her hubby at the airport, shared a cab to our hotel, and had a blast!  I had such a great time last night that I forgot to take a single photo, or maybe it was a case of what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! My best friend left early this morning to San Francisco, and my husband and I spent the day soaking up our last few hours of freedom before we were back to reality. 

It was amazing how many brides we saw while we were there.  It seems everyone thought it would be a cool idea to get married on 12-12-12.  I think I took pictures of at least 10 couples getting married.  I also had one Elvis sighting.

I know my lack of cooking this week is probably slightly annoying.  I did make the most fantastic juice, and veggie juice (I think) is one of Kris Carr's food groups right?  I made Fennel & Fruit juice.  Fennel is a veggie I had never bought before.  I actually had to ask one the Whole Foods produce guys what it looked like.  It smelled so great when I sliced it open, just like black licorice.

Again, I was nervous to try this juice. I have been drinking green juice or veggie juice for well over a year.  I would make my own or buy some from Whole Foods. Our Whole Foods has a juice bar.  I was so good at making juice for the longest time, but then got lazy and started buying it.  The one from Whole Foods was sometimes really bad depending on who made it, or if one of the ingredients was a little to aged.  I think it scarred me because every time I go to try a new juice I'm a little apprehensive.  I have to laugh at myself for not just trying a new recipe sooner.  My kids used to make fun of me when I would drink my Whole Foods juice.  I would make all kinds of faces and usually say "yuck" a few times.  Even so, I drank it because it has so many health benefits. Every  recipe from CSK so far has been terrific.  So don't torture yourself if you don't like the veggie juice you are drinking.  You will find one that suits you.  Just keep trying!  

Here are the ingredients for the Fennel and Fruit juice.

The reason I shot this juice in a a dessert glass is because it is so sweet.  All the fruit makes it very easy to drink.  The fennel is such an awesome addition to the juice.  It isn't too strong, just delicious.

Here is one last picture from my trip. I just won 50 bucks off a 1 dollar bet here!! I promise more food tomorrow less of me...

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