Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Meltdown & Super Easy Chocolate Pie

Super Easy Chocolate Pie pg. 271  
*Warning I was on a major soapbox when I wrote this blog post.  I didn't delete it because when you are blogging 5 times a week you occasionally have a bad day!  
Super Easy Chocolate Pie
I have about 44 recipes left in the Crazy Sexy Kitchen project.  Some of those recipes involve tofu. Icky wiggily tofu. I am not a fan of tofu (Can you tell?), nor are my kiddos into tofu. Tofu is like Julie Powell's lobster. It scares me.  How do I get excited about that?
Kris Carr said so herself on her radio broadcast this morning that people aren't interested in a cleanse right now. People are just wanting to "feed" themselves.  Tofu isn't going to feed me. Granted maybe tofu doesn't constitute cleansing food, but it isn't a comfort food either.  I am feeling a bit deflated as I pump myself up to make tofu.  I volunteered to cook my way through CSK.  I have to keep reminding myself of this.  I just don't like tofu. Don't hate me. 

This whole blog has become more than a cooking project. It forces me daily to examine myself.  To push myself.  To cheer for myself.  I don't think I ever told you what Kris said when I reached 100 recipes.  Wait for it... "Yes!!"  Y-E-S on a Facebook picture I posted!! I know, mind blowing right! Ya, not so much.  Some of my friends have asked me what will you get when this project is all said and done?  That is a gut wrenching and embarrassing question because the truth of the matter is nothing tangible.  I have a story.  Something to tell people, but I want more. I want more for myself. I want to really feel a sense of accomplishment.  (Which I do most days.) I want to have pride that I did it, and I did an awesome job.  (Blah Blah Blah! I know.)

Words are very powerful, as Kris said in her last blog.  I am going to use my words to cheer for myself.  Say all the things I wanted to hear.  Things like, "You are awesome at cooking."  "You are doing a great job."  "Thanks for believing in my cookbook", oh wait that is what Kris and Chad would say.    (Focus Brooke!)  I so appreciate Kris and all her soulful wisdom she gives. ( Maybe she could just direct some my way?)  I have become a huge fan of Chef Sarno for his culinary mastery, and his amazing social media encouragement.  The pictures he posts on Instagram of his culinary expertise are pretty mind blowing and inspire me to be better.

What happens when you push yourself out of your comfort zone?  It does makes you better in many ways.  I have become more creative for sure.  I found out I am better than I thought at cooking.  I also realize I am kinda crazy and foolish to devote so much time to any one thing outside my family.  How did Julie Powell cook 524 recipes in one year?  She had a full time job.  Granted she only had one furry baby, her cat, not 3 demanding kids.  How did she really do it?  The amount of money and time she must have spent.  I am not really sure how it was physically possible?  All I can say is way to go!  I am in serious ahhh of your determination. Thank God you got a movie deal, because it would have been so awful for her to have done so much and ended up with nothing.  She did 5 times as much as me.  She deserved Nora Ephron!   

She (Julie Powell) did blog of her many meltdowns along the way throughout her journey.  Today I  woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Feeling a little sorry for myself, and a tad bit snarky about my choice of hobbies.  I will refuel and be back with a better attitude...  

Later in the day I got brave! I decided to look tofu in the face and deal with it.  I made Super Easy  Chocolate Pie.  The recipe within recipes in CSK.  If you haven't looked closely in  the book, you are probably thinking I don't remember a chocolate pie recipe?  It is there I promise.  Here is what you need to make one yourself. Just 3 ingredients!
I have a feeling if anything can make tofu yummy it would be chocolate.
Fears are being conquered here!  I can do it!
Ya know, it wasn't half bad.  It was actually quite good.  I stand corrected, I guess on a case by case basis I do like tofu!
Somebody knew I needed a hug! Thanks babe xo.


  1. Hi Brooke! I look forward to your posts every week, whenever you can post. Now I want to find this chocolate pie I've overlooked. ;-)
    I know what you mean about tofu. I like Amy's frozen tofu scramble, and I used "tofutti" sour cream for the vegan sour cream in the chocolate cake, but I've never actually purchased tofu on its own!

  2. Loved your post! I hope you can give tofu a chance. It IS a comfort food to me! It is so versatile.

  3. I liked this pie, and like it or not I have at least 2 more things that involve tofu coming up... Hopefully I won't feel the need to melt again before I make either. I'm pretty sure it was a stall tactic:)

  4. sounds like you were kicking and screaming all the way but ended up liking the pie in the end? maybe it is just one of those things where you hide the ingredients so the kids don't know what's good for them and they turn out liking it. guess that's kind of hard when you are the one cooking, but keep up the great work! loving it...

  5. YOU ROCK!!! Love your posts!! I am making the nut falafels tonight with the tahini sauce and tabouli - can't wait to try it, since you said it is one of your favorite. I am with you on the tofu, but hard to go vegan without some tofu. THANKS FOR YOUR BLOG!!!!

  6. I hope you like the falafel! Get some pita bread to eat with it. Yum!

  7. You are doing a great job, I look forward to your posts and appreciate the feedback on recipes I have yet to try.