Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cornmeal Banana Walnut Pancakes

Cornmeal Banana Walnut Pancakes pg. 109
Morning Glory Gluten Free Pancake Variation pg. 111

I have a couple of questions for you today.  Are you ready, because I am about to get really personal? Here we go...

Would you be able to tell the difference between a pancake made with flour vs. the gluten free version?  Which one do you think would taste better?  

I know it was deep, huh! I already feel like we know each other better.  Don't you?  I always feel like it is better to not hold back, and share your thoughts.  Sometimes I think I might even over share.  Like for instance I could tell you that one of my guilty pleasures is to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I love it!  I could also tell you that submarines freak me out.  Just the sight of them send chills up my spine.  What, is that weird?

Cornmeal Banana Walnut Pancakes
This would be the very delicious Cornmeal Banana Walnut (gluten) Pancake variation.  It was easy to make and yummy.  In all my years making pancakes via Bisquick, I never added bananas to my batter.  Trust me when I say this, do it, do it today!  It was fabulous.  Gather these ingredients and make someone you love breakfast.  This was actually the first recipe that I had all the makings in my cupboard! Yea! 
As the recipe says in CSK don't try and flip these suckers for a couple of minutes.  Otherwise they will still be stuck to the pan, and you will have a mess on your hands!

Here is what the gluten free version looks like.
Morning Glory Gluten Free Version
There isn't much difference to the ingredients by looking at it. Just 2 little things.

Taste test time!  I liked the gluten free version more.  I thought the consistency of the pancake was better.  It was absolutely fantastic.  The recipe calls for an apple cider maple syrup.  I liked it, but I preferred just plain old fashioned syrup with no cider.  Give both a try and see what you like.  It is all easy to put together.
Enjoy your breakfast, and have a great day!


  1. I have ben surprised how many gluten free versions of food I have liked lately.

  2. This one is really good. I was surprised I liked the gluten free version more.

  3. In Crazy Sexy Kitchen cookbook by Kris Carr and Chad Sarno.