Monday, January 28, 2013

Save The Tuna Salad on Rye

Save the Tuna Salad on Rye pg. 139

I don't think I would have imagined a sandwich made out of almonds & sunflower seeds before Crazy Sexy Kitchen.  Those are finger foods right?  Snacks you might grab a handful of after a workout.  Well it turns out they aren't just for that after all.  You can actually build a delicious sandwich using nuts and seeds as your base.  Who knew??
Curious what you might need to have this for lunch?  Well here ya go...
Just soak your nuts and seeds in the morning so they are ready for the food processor by the afternoon.  The toasted rye bread and dijon mustard hit this sandwich out of the park.
Scoop some Save the Tuna on your bread, and I promise you won't be longing for canned tuna or mayo here.
Good thing there are people like Chef Sarno who come up with this sort of recipe because I couldn't have dreamed this one up in a million years.  I am really glad he did (and so are the tuna)!


  1. I was curious about this one, looks good!

  2. You are always so good to comment! Thank you:) This was surprisingly good. Not like tuna, but good as its own unique recipe. My husband really liked it too.