Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Raw Apple Spiced Shortcake

Raw Apple Spiced Shortcake with Maple Vanilla Glaze pg. 273
Lets eat cake! But first...

I have this very annoying habit.  Curious? Well, I am going to tell you anyway because this is my blog, and I want to share with you!  I have a really hard time finishing projects. Aren't you already feeling like you know me better?  I start things all the time with a ton of gusto.  Hyped to do whatever "It" is... That moment usually lasts a few weeks, but it then fizzles out into a wah wah wah nothing.  I am a creature of unfinished projects and hobbies.  Like when I took up knitting and then yoga.  Most of the time I really like the hobby or activity I have started, but for one reason or another it just doesn't workout.  Then, when I stopped doing "whatever", I kind of feel bad about myself for not following through.  Do you ever do that?  Of course you do, we all do.  Right? Please say yes!  The thing is I am not that girl anymore, I have made changes!  I am now the girl who can kick ass at anything I put my mind to. Yeah, take that my flaky alter ego!

One of the many awesome things that this cooking project has taught me is I can do anything I put my mind to, and I can finish what I start!  That is an amazing feeling.  It is important to see things through.  Yes, I also believe if something doesn't feel right (like nursing school for me) it's OK to get the hell out ;) The lesson is to pick yourself back up and try try again. (Sounds like a Pink song.) To try new things is what makes life an adventure.  Cooking my way through a cookbook has had it's challenges, but has also been filled with tons of fun.   Although I had hoped to finish The CSK Project today, my birthday, (Yep today is my birthday!) I am not quite there.  Yes, the finish line is in close site, but it will have to wait a few more days. As my sister told me yesterday, it is the the journey not the destination.   
I will always try new things because it is so cool to see what I take from the  experience.  I don't think I will cook my way through a cookbook again. (But you never know...)  I have found in my new found attitude of saying "F-It!" and being fearless, that I have accomplished lots of awesome things.

-I became a blogger (at least for a few more days!).
-I have fun pretending to be a photographer (I think I have potential, and can't wait to see how my skills progress in the next year!)
-I believe I can cook anything!  
-I learned all about social media. (It is so fun! I highly recommend it!)
-I am a runner.  (I never thought I would say that.)
-I wrote a book for my daughter, and talked my sister-in-law Erin into illustrating it. I took some of the self help I have been reading, and put it in a book for my daughter to relate and learn from.  Will it be a best seller? Who cares!  The point is I did it.  Check it out if you like:
-I discovered it's OK to ask for help.
-It's OK to make mistakes!
-I learned anything is possible.  "20 seconds of courage..." That is the motto in my house!

Who knows what my next adventure will be?  I can't wait to find out.  My 41st year was full of self discovery, many accomplishments, and a "I can do anything" attitude.  42, I am thinking is going to be about relationships.  Building better and stronger relationships with everyone, including myself.

Today we eat cake in celebration.  I will celebrate my birthday.  You will celebrate all that you are doing or adventures you are set to take.  

Let's eat Raw Apple Spiced Shortcake.  Here is what you will need to join the party.
I bought one small spring form pan to mold my shortcakes.  I couldn't resist the heart! 
You are going to make this amazing Maple Vanilla Glaze to top your cake.
Then you mix all the other ingredients in a bowl, and form several balls to mold in your pan or cylinder.  I have one tip for the recipe I would do different next time.  I would put the dates in the food processor or chop into smaller pieces.  I think it would make the cakes even better.
 Refrigerate your cakes and top with the glaze.
They were delicious. Enjoy! 


  1. Happy birthday!
    Such an inspiring journey you've been on. Keep on going.
    Remember every year that's coming for something RAD you've accomplished!

  2. Happy Birthday! Don't stop blogging please ;) I love following along - cheers!

  3. Happy, happy birthday! You are truly awesome and inspiring. I hope you will continue blogging and take us with you on your next adventure.

  4. Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing all you have learned!