Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Love Nog and Avo Toast

Recipe 18 & 19 For The Love Of Nog pg. 97 & Avo Toast

Have you ever played the game "I never?"  Someone says something they "I Never" did...  if you answer no, you are safe.  If you answer yes, usually you drink a shot of tequila.  I like to play games.  Especially around the holidays.  So lets play a couple of rounds.  Ready?

I never joined the mile high club...
I never bungee jumped...
I never tried eggnog...

It's true I have never had a drink of eggnog.  Year after year I bought it thinking this would be the year, and each time I just kept thinking ick!  So I would end up giving it to guests, but never having any myself.   That is until I made For The Love Of Nog from Crazy Sexy Kitchen.  What a treat!  This is the most delicious drink ever!  I know I have nothing to compare it to, but I pinky promise you that this Nog is dessert in a glass.  I would drink it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Here is what you will need for your Nog:
I did use a frozen banana in my Nog.  I had never ground fresh nutmeg before.  It was incredibly fresh and flavorful. So good!
For The Love Of Nog
The look on my face shows how happy this drink made me.  I was left with a Nog mustache!
Because it is Tuesday, here is your bonus Two for Tuesday recipe, Avo Toast.  I know how busy this week can get with all the grocery shopping and cooking.  This recipe is quick and easy.  My son LOVED it.  It is funny how something so simple can be so satisfying.  I bought some gluten free bread to put it on.  The bread was awesome.  The perfect amount of graininess.  Here are the few things you will need for a quick snack:
Avo Toast
The Millet and Chia Udis was so good.  I have tried other Udis which were all good, but this is my favorite.  If you want your toast to have a bit more kick just add a little extra red pepper flakes.  This snack will keep you going as you prepare for the holiday.

So now I am curious what "I Never" would you ask? Leave me a comment and tell me... We can take shot of our Nog when you win!

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