Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fruit and Almond Sandwiches & Vanilla Mystic

Recipe 31 & 32
Fruit and Almond Sandwiches pg. 131
Vanilla Mystic Smoothie pg. 90
 Today is devoted to kids, or to the inner kid in you!  I am treating my kids to a bit of fun tonight.  My husband and I are taking them to see No Doubt.  You know the band with Gwen Stefani?  Songs like Spiderwebs, Don't Speak, and It's My Life to name a few.  My parents once took me to the theatre to see shows like Sweeney Todd and Fiddler on the Roof.  I prefer to take my kids to the occasional concert.  I think it is just as culturally enriching.  Not to mention the cardio you get from jumping up and down to awesome songs is so much fun. I was doing a little research on the band, and it seems the band may be vegan.  They pop up on celebrate vegan sites that list the who's who of Hollywood.  Just a little factiod .  I have seen them preform multiple times, and it has always been a great night.  So I am looking forward to it!

Today's menu is sure to be a hit with any kid small or big.  First up I made a Fruit and Almond Sandwich for lunch. 
The recipe calls for date paste.  Not to fear.  Date paste is just softened dates that you add a little water to.  Mash it up and there you have it, date paste!  I soaked my dates in really hot water for a few minutes and they were ready to be pasted.  This sandwich was soooooo much better than the traditional peanut butter and jelly.  See how yummy it looks... Maybe the picture doesn't translate, but I promise you it was superb!
Fruit and Almond Sandwich
Ya know what is the magical ingredient for this sandwich?  Cinnamon!  It made it spectacular!
Since today is all about spoiling our inner child I also made Vanilla Mystic Smoothies.  The recipe says add cashews or coconut meat in the smoothie, but I was feeling a little wild and added them both.   My 4yr old saw it and said, "That looks yummy mommy."  He is a picky eater. To get thumbs up from him is huge! Here is what you need to please your inner child.

Vanilla Mystic
Did you catch the Dinner with Kris last night?  So fun to be a fly on the wall at someone's dinner party! Kinda heavy material though.  I felt like I needed a cocktail after listening to the discussion.  It was all valid and important info but maybe too serious.  Maybe the next one will be a little more upbeat.  I did love her kitchen, very cute!

I am off to my concert. 

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