Thursday, November 8, 2012

A.J.'s Power Smoothie

Recipe 9 is A.j.'s Power Smoothie Page 89

Eating all my fruits and veggies can sometimes prove to be challenging.  I am not always in the mood to have a salad.  That is one of the reasons I think a smoothie that is filled with essentially 2 fruit servings and 2 veggie servings is helpful and tasty. Today I made A.J.'s Power Smoothie.  Here are the ingredients I used:  
My first impression was that it needed to be sweeter.  I am still coming off my sugar high from Halloween.  So to start drinking something with very little sweetener shocked my taste buds.  I sprinkled more cinnamon on my smoothie and it was much more enjoyable.  Maybe for those who are addicted to sugar like me, you might want to use a sweetened non-dairy milk such as vanilla almond milk.  Another suggestion might be adding a pitted medjool date to sweeten it up.  Again, my body is really used to eating more sugary foods.  Until I wean myself off sugar my taste buds are never going to appreciate the natural sweetness the fruit offers in this smoothie.
I had to take a picture of this smoothie mid-blend because at first sight you might think this is going to be the prettiest pink smoothie, but think again!
A.J.'s Power Smoothie
It turned as green as Shrek!  Unfortunately, my kids were totally freaked out by the color, and wouldn't come close to giving it a try.  I know I would have to sweeten it up for them anyway.  The truth is we are a household addicted to sugar.  Not good I know.  We are working on it.  We may need a 12 step program!

In other news we have a new addition to our family...
Meet Lily!
Meet Lily!  My daughter's Toy Poodle.  She is a spunky, sweet, and smart pooch.  I forgot how exhausting and time consuming a pup is.  Not to mention the new addition has caused my 4 yr old to regress a bit.  So we have been very busy!  We are settling in more everyday.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling more energetic and make something hot for dinner!  Any suggestions?  Let me know...


  1. It needed something to sweeten it up, but with the added sweetness it made an excellent lunch! Thanks for reading it!!

  2. I tried this using frozen blueberries, spinach and kale. I'm not sure I got the amount of greens right, because it's very blue. I can't find frozen to fresh conversion anywhere! Or maybe blueberries are just very pigmented.

  3. I think frozen blueberries are just fine. Just make sure they are organic. It is OK if your smoothie isn't green. The greens are in there just the same. Did you like it?