Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2 for Tuesday! Soup and Salad

Recipe 12 & 13 Tomatoes and Herbs pg. 165 & Split Pea Soup pg. 125

I thought I would give you 2 recipes today.  First off before I talk about the food I made I have to just give tons of love to all you photographers and food bloggers out there.  Taking pictures is so much harder than it looks. Getting the right light and angles is NOT easy! I am inspired to take a class and get better.  I have always been a bit of a historian with my family pictures, but it is totally different when you are attempting to make it visually stimulating for others.  Also, to all the food bloggers who create recipes, cook, take pictures and write about it.  All I can say is wow! Great job!

OK now down to the food! The Tomato and Herbs were great and super easy to put together.  All you need are 5 ingredients.  How simple is that? Then arrange them all pretty and walla!
Tomato and Herbs
Next was the Split Pea Soup with Dulse and Kale.  Except mine didn't have Dulse.  The recipe said add applewood Dulce, but my Whole Foods didn't carry it.  So as a replacement it was recommended to use smoked paprika.  I am not sure my kids would have liked the Dulse anyway? The soup was great as is.  I didn't see where it needed anything else.

Any guess what Dulce is? I had to ask someone at Whole Foods again.  It is red alga.  It is also know as palmaria palmata.  It grows in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  It basically looks like seaweed to me.  Another little factoid for ya!

I have learned split pea soup doesn't need meat to be good.  A vegan split pea soup is really flavorful.  It was easy to make, and tasted delicious leftover for lunch!  Here are the ingredients for the soup:
My only issue with this soup, it was harder to photograph than the other recipes.  No matter what angle I shot the soup was still green!
Split Pea Soup with Dulse and Kale
Not to mention this is what my daughter and her friend were doing to me as I was trying to be a serious photographer... I think they were making fun of me!
In other news, I posted a comment on Kris Carr's website today.  Guess what?  She responded!  Now I know she didn't have a lot to say, but she still gave me a shout out!  This is a busy woman. She is flying to CA this week to be on Access Hollywood and The Doctors.  So I feel very honored to have received any acknowledgement at all!
Tell your friends to sign up and follow my CSK Project.  Remember a CSK cookbook could be yours!  I will be having a random drawing for all my followers very soon!

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