Monday, November 26, 2012

Mango-Raspberry Parfait

Recipe 28 Mango-Raspberry Parfait with Vanilla Creme pg. 103
Mango-Raspberry Parfait with Vanilla Creme
Today is one of those days where lots of little things kept going wrong.  My house heater broke.  Me, out $300 bucks. Ouch! When I went grocery shopping one store was out of serrano chiles so I had to go to another store. Sucks!  My puppy whined a lot, and peed in all the wrong places. Ick! Sigh...  I know things can always get a whole lot worse so I will stop polluting the atmosphere with my junk.  Thanks for listening!  Some days you just have to vent.  Right?

On to better things, I made the most beautiful parfaits.  They were so fun to photograph with all the vibrant colors that filled the glass.  This was the first recipe in Crazy Sexy Kitchen that I can say was sticky sweet.  I had to actually go easy on the vanilla creme.  Me, the person addicted to sugar had to say hold the sweet in a recipe!  Progress! Here are the ingredients for this dessert disguised as breakfast:
This is another recipe where you have to plan ahead a bit because cashews needed to be soaked.  This will soften them so they can become the incredibly sweet vanilla creme.  I also prepared the buckwheat groats the recipe called for.  The groats had to be soaked overnight to germinate.  Truthfully you can save yourself a step and just add your favorite granola.  That way you are one step closer to this great parfait. The recipe makes a lot of vanilla creme that can be used for days.  So plan on having a treat you can feel good about all week.

Gorgeous and Yummy!

I promised I would make the Green Sauce for the Chile Rellanos and here it is!  Still can't believe I didn't turn the page. Duh! Here are the ingredients needed:
The sauce was simple to make.  Wash the ingredients and blend.  This sauce was better than the red.  I am so happy I made it.  The 2 serrano chile peppers made it spicy.  We had the leftover rellenos for dinner and they were just as good the second night. 
The picture shows a pear-pea shoot salad with lemon oil.  I couldn't find pea shoots or sunflower sprouts the recipe called for.  So I used clover spouts.  Here are the ingredients for the Lemon Oil:
Lemon Oil
The Lemon Oil had fresh lemon zest in it and was very good.  It is funny how something so simple can be so delicious.  So many years buying bottled dressing.  It was so unnecessary.  Creating a dressing from scratch is so simple and way better.

With the Green Sauce and Lemon Oil I have now made 30 recipes! Can I have a virtual high five!


  1. I like following your blog as I am cooking my way through the book as well! Just wanted to give you a tip regarding the vanilla creme; I froze it (best done in icecubetrays) and put it in my smoothies! Makes it frothy and super delicious!
    Keep up the good work! :)

  2. These are some great pictures Brooke! :)

  3. Thanks! Much better than when I first started!