Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Greens and Berries / Maple Candied Pecans

Recipes 7 & 8 Greens and Berries page 156  and Maple Candied Pecans page 252

Today I felt like making a salad for lunch, and the strawberries in this recipe were calling to me.  I was also dying to make the candied pecans.  Here are the ingredients needed for the Greens and Berries Salad:
Greens and Berries Ingredients
Not many things to put in the salad which makes it quick and easy to put together.  Lots of times when I make a salad I just do the same old thing tomato, cucumber and bell pepper.  That combo is good, but it gets old and boring.  I honestly had never made a salad using fruit until this week!  Now that is crazy huh?  I have ordered them in restaurants, but for whatever reason not used fruit in salads at home.  This is why cooking your way through a cookbook is so cool.  It forces you to do things you don't normally do.

The ingredients for the Maple Candied Pecans:
Maple Candied Pecan Ingredients
I really had no idea how easy it would be to make candied pecans.  Loved the fact that you could make a salad way more gourmet in about 20 minutes with these candied treats.
It is such an easy way to impress people without really having to try too hard!  I love that.  My son Quent didn't really care for the chipotle powder.  I probably would make it without that spice next time.  Maybe add something else instead or just do the maple sugar! 

The combo in the salad was really nice.  I would use less flax oil next time.  It is a pretty heavy oil, and the taste was too strong for me.  The salad looked beautiful and was quite good otherwise. 

I had a lot of extra candied pecans left over.  So I knew the perfect neighbor to send them off to.  I put them in a mason jar and it looked really cute.  What is it about the vintage cool look a mason jar provides?  Everything looks cute in them.  I think it would make a great Thanksgiving hostess gift, or maybe a gift to give the neighbors at Christmas.  I didn't have any twine, but if I was planning to give it again I would add some to the top of the jar to make it look more festive.

I also wanted to give you a follow up on The Madeira Peppercorn Tempeh.  I had posted a comment on Facebook hoping Chef Sarno could help me get my Tempeh crisp.  Well I got my answer today!  I was told, "Sear it longer at a higher temp."  So there ya go in case you have the same problem I did.  I am learning!  I just think it is cool that Chef Sarno or somebody from his company took the time to answer my question.  Very cool Chef Sarno!


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